Umeloihc Babies First Shoes

Starting this month, we're going to be launching our new 2018 product lines for you all to enjoy. To help introduce them, I'll be doing some short write-ups.

Since I launched KitchenVirtue many years ago I've spent some time travelling to different trade shows looking for quality kitchen gear.   One of my favorite places to visit is beautiful Japan home to many of our favourite knives and many more great lines.

Along the way sometimes I run into products that impress me for one reason or another yet fall outside the realm of the kitchen but I feel strongly enough about them that I decide to bring in the line.  Umeloihc is one of those products.  Umeloihc make beautifully designed baby shoe kits made of the highest quality materials that I promise will impress.  The leathers are super soft, the threads, laces, straps, etc are what you would expect of Japanese craftsmanship.

That aside, what really makes these special is the concept - taking the fantastic  materials and using your own hands and time to put together a beautiful first pair of shoes for that special baby - your first baby boy or girl, your nephew or niece, your grandson or grand daughter or a friends baby.   

These are a one-of-a kind gift that I promise will provide special memories for all involved.  Perfect as a gift at a baby shower, for the new parents or a child's first birthday - they are surely to be appreciated.

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