High Quality Incense from Japan

In 2015, we found Hibi 10 Minute Aroma at a gift show in Tokyo.  Hibi is a joint partnership between a match maker in Himeji City and an incense maker on Awaji Island, both who use age old traditional techniques.  These techniques were fused into a unique aroma product that can be self ignited making it portable and giving you 10 minutes of relaxation anywhere you want.  I was impressed with the concept, the product and the packaging and so when I returned to Canada we imported our first batch becoming the first shop in North America to carry the product.

We recently re-stocked on all the original products and added the new 006 Citronella product  and their new gift sets - just in time for Mother's Day!

The gift boxes are absolutely stunning.  If you want a special gift for Mother's Day, another occasion - or you if you want to treat yourself, these will be appreciated.

The entire Hibi Japan line can be found here!  Free shipping applies to all Hibi Japan orders.


Next up, in late 2016, we began looking for more traditional Japanese incense to add to our aroma lineup.  We decided to work with Shoyeido Incense Co. who have been making high-quality traditional incense since 1705.  Shoyeido is considered the highest quality, most natural incense available in the world.

We carry a vast array of Shoyeido including the Magnifiscents, Daily, Overtones, Zen and Premium Incense series.  We also carry many of their holders, bowls, and other hard to find accessories. 

The entire Shoyeido line can be found here!  Free shipping applies to all Shoyeido orders.