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Wusthof Epicure & Epicurean Boards

Wusthof Epicure & Epicurean Boards

A new product line from Wusthof and a new cutting board to our line-up, Epicurean!  Complimentary products that are now both available at

Balance meets Sustainability meets Precision.

The new EPICURE knives from Wusthof are beautiful kitchen tools that meet all challenges in the kitchen. Combining the virtues of two great philosophies: the efficiency and lightness of Japanese knives combined with German quality and safety. This means EPICURE embodies a new type of knife – one that fulfills all cooking styles and sets standards in terms of function and performance.

Take a look at the new Wusthof Epicure line here!   


 Every Epicurean product is 100% made in the USA.

Epicurean signature cutting boards have earned their place in the heart of the kitchen, meeting the highest standards of cooks and chefs worldwide. With a natural look and texture from an eco-friendly, wood fiber composite, these boards are durable, nonporous, knife friendly, and dishwasher safe.

Take a look at the Epicurean line here!